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    "Pen Hadow's speech was genuinely inspirational and

    motivating ... it was fantastic to hear from someone

    who has witnessed global warming issues with

    their own eyes."

    (Stuart Rose, CEO, Marks & Spencer)

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    "One of the All Time Top 100 British Front Page Newspaper Stories"

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    "Scientific exploration of the natural

    world has never been more urgent

    or important in human history"

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    Hero of the Environment Award -

    Catlin Arctic Survey

    (TIME magazine)

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    "The thinking, strategy and process behind successful

    polar exploration can be used to highlight valuable

    insights for business performance"

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    European Sponsorship of the Year Nomination - Catlin Arctic Survey
    (European Sponsorship Association)




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    "The unexpectedly fast loss of Arctic sea ice is the

    most powerful visible illustration of the

    impacts of global climate change"

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    One of the All Time Top 100 British

    Front Page Newspaper Stories

    (British Library)

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    "We're changing the face of our planet, as seen from space,
    as its top turns from white to blue"






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    Global Best Adventure Award -

    Solo North Pole

    (La Marca, Spain)

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    "When under the most severe, even life-threatening

    pressure, it can be one's ability to retain peripheral

    vision that saves the situation"

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    Bestseller - 'Solo: Alone & Unsupported to the North Pole'

    (Michael Joseph, Penguin)






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    "Relentless, comprehensive and open-minded

    reviewing of all the parts and steps contributed

    to my successful solo journey to the Pole"


Pen is highly regarded as an inspirational and thought-provoking presenter of motivational speeches, keynote addresses, and entertaining after-dinner talks.

His speaking services draw on his career which has seen him receive awards for world-class performances as an explorer, record-breaking adventurer, professional guide, and entrepreneur.

He now offers his hard-won experience and insights – focused on leadership, performance and project management in challenging environments – to audiences across the UK, Europe and further afield.

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Hailed by The Times as the ‘thinking man’s explorer’, Pen rose to global acclaim when he became the first person to trek solo to the North Pole by the hardest route – a feat which has not been repeated.

His subsequent leadership of the pioneering international exploration programme, Catlin Arctic Survey (2007-2013), resulted in global awards for environmental protection, communications technology, and business sponsorship.




“Hadow’s most beguiling quality is the ability to make people believe they can do anything.”
Daily Telegraph

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