After-Dinner Speaker

Pen’s natural ability to entertain is evident in his recounting of the terrifying reality of fending off an attacking polar bear with a saucepan … in temperatures three times colder than your deep freeze!

Whether it’s his amazing stories from the sea ice, the characters he has guided to the Pole, the mishaps he’s survived, or the technical challenges rarely made public, you can be confident your guests will be hugely entertained.

Or, if your audience would like to hear how he made it solo to the North Pole, or learn more about the dramatic environmental changes taking place on the Arctic Ocean, notably the rapid loss of sea ice, the humour quotient can be exchanged for a more thought-provoking style.

Pen’s presentation will be tailored to meet the specific brief of your event.

Popular subjects include:

  • Top Tips to Defend Yourself Against Polar Bears
  • Just What It Took – Solo to the North Pole
  • Anecdotes from a Life as a Polar Guide & Explorer
  • An Evening With Pen Hadow
  • The Value & Future of Exploration
  • What Arctic Sea-ice Loss Tells Us
  • Things You Never Knew about Polar Exploration … The Physiology, The Psychology & The Hardest Bits

To download Pen’s Biography (PDF), please click here

Supporting dramatic images and film footage can be used.



For general enquiries & bookings, please contact Jane Kennedy:

020 7384 6410