Attention – Corporate Sponsors with Sustainability Interests

Pen Hadow is to embark on a major endeavour in Spring 2017 which will provide the public communications platform for @90North’s private initiative to promote an international marine reserve around the North Pole; and it is @90North’s commitment to content creation and media engagement that will also deliver the core value to its sponsors.

In response to the Arctic Ocean’s rapidly changing sea-ice environment, it has never been more urgent to protect the international waters of the central Arctic Ocean. This protection will give scientists time to study this newly-accessible, and almost unknown, marine ecosystem, and then advise global policy-makers on its long term management.

Having spent more time than almost anyone travelling on the sea ice, Pen Hadow is now committing his experience, resources and passion to promote and protect the Arctic Ocean’s fundamental contribution – both as a source and a protector – to life on Earth.

The generation, strategic distribution, and management of @90North’s content is designed to reach the largest UK and global audience that resources permit. The more widely it is reported, the greater the value to @90North and its sponsors as more people are made aware of, and understand better, the function and value of the Arctic Ocean.

“While valuation of the media coverage of next Spring’s endeavour is targeted to be £20,000,000, based on the Advertising Value Equivalents of our previous polar projects, considerable additional value will be secured by our sponsors through bespoke stakeholder programmes.”  – Pen Hadow

For further sponsor information, please call Pen Hadow on +44 (0)7970 619 161