Join world-renowned British explorer Pen Hadow on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage this summer to help save the Arctic Ocean.


This is an extraordinarily rare opportunity for you to become an expedition member on an historic voyage with global sustainability at its heart.

The Arctic Ocean is under threat. Global temperature rises have caused a massive loss of sea ice, leaving all marine life in the region, once naturally protected, susceptible to commercial exploitation.

Arctic Mission’s goal is to establish an international marine reserve to save this precious place from commercial fishing, shipping and mineral extractors, but we cannot do it without your help. We have ONE BERTH available this summer for an intrepid pioneer who wants to make a true and meaningful difference to our world.


Setting sail on two 50-foot yachts from Nome (Alaska) on 25 July 2017, you will join us on a 6-week, 3,500-mile voyage of discovery. Together we’ll be surveying the unexplored international waters of the Central Arctic Ocean in an attempt to reach further North than any previous vessel under sail.

At its most fundamental level, the research has been designed to give policy-makers the evidence they need to justify the creation of a marine reserve. To do this, we will be:

  • Showing how melting sea ice is exposing vulnerable marine life to the immediate threat of irreversible exploitation and destruction.
  • Communicating with the public in real time to promote the value of the Arctic Ocean’s unique ecosystem.
  • Promoting the urgent need to create an iconic marine reserve around the North Pole to protect this precious ecosystem forever.


This is your chance to be directly involved with science and conservation in action.

Our research will focus on recording as many forms of marine life as possible, including polar bear, whale, walrus and seal, birds, fish, zooplankton, phytoplankton and even bacteria.

We’ll also be studying the characteristics of the ocean’s waters, looking at sea-ice cover, temperature, salinity, currents and nutrients, and taking air, ice and water samples for pollutant analysis.


Pen Hadow, Expedition Leader

Pen Hadow is one of Britain’s foremost explorers, his work focused on the Arctic Ocean over the last 25 years.

He previously led the £7.5m multi award-winning, international research programme, Catlin Arctic Survey (2008-2012) investigating the rates, causes and impacts of the Arctic Ocean’s rapidly melting sea ice. The Surveys secured £90m worth of news coverage worldwide about the issues relating to sea-ice loss, including TV documentaries on CNN, BBC and Channel 4; and a number of peer-reviewed research papers have been published in scientific journals.

He is the only person ever to have made it solo, without resupply, from Canada to the North Geographic Pole (2003); and is the first Briton, without resupply to both the North and South Geographic Poles from the respective continental coastlines. He also founded a pioneering guide service to the North Pole, which included organising the first all-women expedition to the North Pole (1997).

He has written books, including the best-seller, Solo: Alone & Unsupported to the North Pole; self-filmed The Hardest Way to the North Pole TV documentary for National Geographic; presented an adventure literary series on BBC Radio 4; and contributed to numerous TV documentaries and books about adventure and exploration. He is also a patron of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, British Exploring, and the Scientific Exploration Society, and has Honorary Doctorates from the University of Exeter (Laws) and University of Plymouth (Science).

Joining Pen on the expedition:

Expedition doctor
Environment journalist
Expedition photographer
Documentary film-maker
Skippers x 2
Mates x 2
Marine researchers x 4

…and YOU.



Although we will be accessing previously unexplored waters – and some phases will be too remote for personnel extraction of any kind off the yachts – you do not need any specific skills, fitness level or experience to join us.

You should, however, note that we will be at sea for the entire six-week period and up to 1,500 miles from uninhabited land, so there will be no option to set ashore. There is the potential for rough seas, though storms are unlikely. The living conditions are relatively cramped and the cuisine will be basic and water will be rationed. The team will also be working above and below deck round the clock.

As this is an extreme expedition rather than an adventurous cruise, you will be encouraged to get involved and support the team’s daily workload and its wider environmental mission; but most significantly, you will be made to feel welcome by your friendly, professional and highly experienced fellow team members.


From 25 July – 6 September 2017, our round-trip expedition will sail from and return to Nome (Alaska) on two 50-foot yachts, Bagheera and Snow Dragon II.

We have ONE berth available, subject to interview.

£50,000 will secure your place.

£100,000 will secure your place as well as your company branding on the yachts and clothing.

£150,000 will secure your place, naming rights for the expedition(e.g. XYZ Arctic Mission, XYZ Pole Quest etc … or John Smith’s Arctic Mission etc), as well as your company branding on the yachts and clothing.

It is intended that a documentary film will be made, and a book written, based on the voyage, in which you would be credited, in context with your level of funding support.

This offer closes at 17.00 on Saturday 30 April 2017.

Please direct any questions, interest and offers to Pen Hadow by email: