Boardroom Briefings

To shift the perceptions and approach of an Executive Committee or Senior Leadership Team on the subjects of sustainability and responsibility for the natural environment, Pen presents themed boardroom briefings.

By highlighting the environmental issues and findings of the international scientific research programme he led over five years through the Catlin Arctic Survey on the Arctic Ocean, and his unrivalled experience operating on the sea ice around the North Pole Pen’s delivery style and messages are intended to catalyse the changes sought by boards, CEOs and HR directors.

While Pen’s presentation will be tailored to meet the specific brief of your event, core subjects may include:

  • Why the Declining Arctic Sea-Ice Volume Matters – The Big Picture
  • The Emerging Specific Issues of Polar Ocean Acidification & Tundra Methane Release
  • How the Warming North Pole Region Affects Global Atmospheric and Oceanic Circulation
  • The Linkage Between the Changing Regional Geophysics & World Geopolitics in the High Arctic
  • The Opportunities as the Top of Our Planet Changes Physical State & Colour from White to Blue
  • The Value of an Explorer’s Approach in the Boardroom



As an Associate Partner with Fidelio Partners LLP, working with its Board Development practice, Pen’s engagement can also be structured within a broader development programme devised and managed by Fidelio Partners, if appropriate.

To download Pen’s Biography (PDF), please click here.

Supporting dramatic images and film footage can be used.

For general enquiries & bookings, please contact Jane Kennedy:

020 7384 6410