Coaching & Mentoring - Working with Nature


As a coach I’ve motivated, guided, and supported the thinking of board members, senior managers, business-owners and private individuals who have been looking for new perspectives, fresh ideas, and breakthrough thinking, and together we’ve worked out the plan of action to resolve their personal and business challenges.

The first session is often outdoors in the form of a Walk & Talk, which can then be followed up with a series of more focused coaching sessions nearer your home or work. During Covid, these one-on-one walks are a great way to get things started.

A walk-and-talk in an inspiring landscape can be just the thing to free the mind from day-to-day thinking. So imagine how much more productive and empowering your walk could be in the company of a perceptive, supportive and experienced coach and mentor who has literally walked-the-walk and has the professional expertise to talk-the-talk.

As a professional personal-executive coach, guide and explorer, I lived on central Dartmoor for 15 years and know well its character and features, using it to prepare my clients for guided expeditions on the Arctic Ocean sea ice, and to prepare for my own solo North Pole endeavours. However your walk-and-talk will be in the landscape of your choice.

To reassure you, it’s not about the distance or the challenge of the walks, which have ranged from the ‘odd mile and plenty of tea-breaks’ to an entire traverse of Dartmoor. It’s about you and the things you want to talk through over the course of a day or two in total confidence.

To book or find out more, please call me, Pen, on 07970 619 161.

Twitter: @PenHadow

Instagram: @penhadow