CONSULTANCY – Natural World Partnerships

My experience leading the corporate funding and public engagement work of an international research programme led to the founding of Natural World Partnerships (NWP).

NWP is a unique consultancy providing a bridge between the shared interests of the business and environmental communities.

As local, regional and global concern and evidence grows about the unsustainable and destructive pressures being exerted on the natural environment, so the pressures are mounting on businesses to understand, respect and protect our shared natural environment, and thereby secure their licence to operate.

NWP integrates the objective of businesses to demonstrate corporate responsibility towards the environment … with the needs of environment-focused organisations looking to increase their financial, project management, and communication capabilities.

Our objective is to create relationships through partnerships, sponsorships and associations that work appropriately and successfully for both parties.

We make strategic environmental partner recommendations, based on relevant sustainability and stakeholder audits. We can then facilitate the relationship with the client’s chosen partner; and manage the successful delivery of the resulting rights activation programme, if required.

Clients may be led by:
Corporate responsibility leaders
In-house & external sponsorship teams
Sustainability and communications/PR consultancies

Environment-focused rights-holders we may work with include:
NGOs & international agencies
National charities
Film producers & exhibitions
Scientists & explorers
Authors & artists

NWP is founded on the award-winning success of Catlin Arctic Survey (2007-2012), a £7.5m international scientific research and public engagement programme involving multiple business partners, which I instigated and directed over 5 years.

Natural World Partnerships is a trading name of Pen Hadow Consultancy Ltd.