Executive Coaching

Core Service

Pen offers a confidential service to senior executives, business team leaders and managers.

If looking to expand executive potential, enable greater business effectiveness, or strengthen leadership capability, then Pen’s coach-mentoring approach has proved successful.

His intuitive ability to enable people to believe deeply that their ambitions can be fulfilled, combined with his compassion, skill and support in bringing about the necessary changes, can make for a rewarding relationship – with identifiable outcomes.

Having ‘walked his walk’ – in his case, alone and by the hardest route to the North Pole – he is now committed to doing the walking, the talking, and the thinking with others to support them in reaching their own specific goals, longer-term ambitions, and sense of fulfilment.

As a world-class polar explorer over 25 years, Pen’s career culminated in his pioneering leadership over five years of an international award-winning business. He now enjoys working quietly with others to develop their potential.

Guiding Principles

While it is often not apparent to us, the most likely and significant barriers to the fulfilment for which we strive have been put in place by ourselves.

Assumptions, attitudes and reactions to almost every situation we experience are the product of responses practised, developed and honed throughout our lives, with no guarantee of them serving our best interests now.

Identifying, consciously reviewing, and recognising the impact these self-limiting beliefs have in preventing our progress, can provide the keys needed to unlock the doors to using more of our prodigious potential.

While a wide range of coaching techniques can be used along the way to support his work, Pen believes each client has everything already within them to realise their potential. So his method will involve asking incisive questions that enable his clients to shift their perspective and thereby be able to plan, and then set off on, a new pathway.

Programme Management

Pen’s work is results focused.

He will agree with his commissioning client the objectives, the roles and commitments, the desired outcomes and time-scales, and a process to enable feedback and evaluation, if appropriate.

Pen is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC).



For general enquiries, please contact:
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