Motivational Speaker

In becoming the first and only person solo to the North Pole by the hardest route, Pen has an extraordinary story of achievement against incredible odds.

His motivational approach is first about engaging with his audiences, relating the fears, challenges and aspirations they have in their work to the same ones he had to deal with himself on his mission to succeed.

With the audience now realising he is offering something of personal and practical value to them, Pen introduces his insights in a way that makes them engrossingly relevant, with humour, passion and impact.

As Dame Anita Roddick (founder, The Body Shop) once wrote: “You have a gift – and should use it. Few can communicate with a level of engagement and intensity like that.”

Pen’s presentation will be tailored to meet the specific brief of your event.

Popular themes include:

  • The story of Solo to the North Pole by the Hardest Route
  • Inspiration & Motivation – Finding & Keeping It
  • Pioneering Mindset & Achieving Breakthroughs
  • Going Further With Less, Achieving More with Fewer
  • Resilience, Goal Setting & Setbacks
  • Leadership – Insights from the ‘Bleeding Edge of Exploration’
  • Risk Management – Hazards v Rewards
  • Personal Performance in the Most Challenging Circumstances

To download Pen’s Biography (PDF), please click here

With the option of supporting dramatic images and film footage, Pen’s thought-provoking ideas can continue to resonate far beyond the event.


For general enquiries & bookings, please contact Jane Kennedy:

020 7384 6410