Presenting Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards at Holyrood Palace


Invited to present Gold Awards to young Scots, I found myself overnighting the night before, just a few hundred yards from Holyrood Palace and the adjacent Scottish Parliament building. Skies were overcast and threatening liquid deployment. More happily HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in the middle of their annual Royal Week based in Holyrood, and spirits were un-dampened amongst the 300 Gold Award recipients, each with their two guests.

As I stood before my assembled group to make a short address, it had already become swiftly apparent that Gold Awardees typically exude a grounded sense of purpose, competence and confidence. It was really quite striking. And while to a degree these desirable attributes may have pre-existed their enrolment into the DofE awards scheme – Bronze, Silver and Gold – it is equally evident the DofE Awards provides the essential framework, process and highly capable support network to enable the awardees to develop these invaluable attributes.

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Society benefits immensely as the national resource that is our children is encouraged to realise that Doing is the key step to Becoming. And, judging by who I met at Holyrood, our future is in the hands of many good people.