Briefing – Queen’s Royal Lancers

To the Cavalry & Guards Club, Piccadilly (London) to meet some of the British military’s finest young officers. The objective was to illustrate some of the innovative and lateral thinking used to achieve the solo North Pole mission.

The energy and attention levels were extraordinarily high, as is always the case with audiences made up of British forces personnel. For them these types of briefings, as far as they are concerned, can lead to battle injuries being reduced, deaths avoided of those under their command, and missions accomplished with more efficiency. Consequently they are tightly focused on extracting maximum benefits from the next 60 minutes.

Question time is another pleasure for the questions are wide-ranging, insight-seeking and often deeply personal. That’s always the offer. Ask ANY question; and Pen will do his utmost to answer it. Frankly, it’s the least one can do to contribute to their heroic efforts on and off the field in defence of us all.