Explorer Contributes to UK National Defence Programme

Pen Hadow was invited to give a subject-specific speech to the UK’s leading defence organisation in October, the subject being risk management. The culture of the client organisation was one of omni-active ‘mindfulness’.

Pen’s one-hour contribution, with supporting video sequences and photographic images, drew parallels between the defence organisation’s own ecosystem and that of the solo explorer’s, where an absolute need for mindfulness exists both for survival and any ultimate Pole-bound success when operating in extreme operational conditions (deep sub-zero temperatures) while in a hazardous environment (the Arctic Ocean).

The relentless focus on not allowing any mistake or ‘situation’, of any scale, to occur needs to be a way of life, literally, and Pen shared a wide range of very deliberate protocols and techniques to maximise this essential state of mind, especially as no other person or system was present on the Arctic Ocean to keep him up to the mark. Many in the audience expressed astonishment at the degree of detail and professionalism Pen managed to maintain in such isolated circumstances and his shared thoughts were deemed of high value to the conference.