Pen scoops World Technology Network Award

Pen Hadow’s delivery of the first Catlin Arctic Survey in 2009 for Catlin Group Ltd has won a World Technology Award in the environment category.

The prestigious award recognises the innovative development and exploitation of technologies with the greatest likely long-term significance to conserve or improve the state of the natural environment.

World Technology Network Chairman, James Clark, said: “Geo Mission have done, and are doing, something extraordinary. The only way our environment is ever going to be protected or restored is if we use innovative approaches to tackle the environmental challenges we face at present and raise public awareness of future risks. Their truly innovative approach to collecting crucial sea ice data during the Catlin Arctic Survey 2009 is an example of how technology can be used for a better world.”

Pen who is the founder and CEO of Geo Mission said: “To be chosen by thought leaders at the most cutting-edge of emerging technologies as the winner of this award is an honour. The incredibly harsh Arctic conditions did cause problems with some of our technology but this has not deterred us from our long term objective – to help scientists forecast how long the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover will remain a year-round feature of our planet.”

Much of the technology used during Catlin Arctic Survey 2009 has been further developed, and will be integral to the third Catlin Arctic Survey in early 2011.