Personal Mentoring

A Professional Guide for the Tricky Sections of Life’s Journey

Sometimes, young-adults can really benefit from some independent input to help them through a challenging period. Pen can offer such input through his personal mentoring service.

Naturally, parents endeavour to provide the best possible support to their children, as they prepare to head away from home to the world of work and beyond. But it is often the case that just when it feels never more important to bring one’s parental experience and influence to bear, the essential lines of communication seem less present than ever before.

At this stage, the path for both parents and young-adults can be frustrating, challenging, and even frightening – for both parties.

It may be at this point that a trusted personal mentor can be introduced to listen, guide, and support the young person as he or she negotiates a critical phase.

Pen has growing experience working with individuals in these situations. Initially invited by friends, and friends-of-friends, to see if he could apply his supportive and innovative approach to help, it has become apparent that good things can develop. While the parent(s) may fund the support, the young person is assured of a confidential service exclusively for him or her.

The Value of an Explorer’s Essential Kit

Just as we are all on ‘the journey of a life-time’, Pen sometimes can more effectively employ a less coaching/more mentoring style to such situations, in which he cites more explicitly his work, and selected anecdotes, as an explorer.

The approach can centre on the essential ‘kit’ an explorer uses to reach his goal in the world’s most extreme environments. Explorers need to head in the right direction, deal with the difficult situations along the way, on occasion simply survive, so that they can ultimately reach their goal.

The kit for the journey, literally carried in a rucsac by Pen, includes: map; compass; goggles; shoes; waterproof matches; candle; pencil and paper; torch; phone; rope; tea bag ; and a shelter. Sometimes it’s helpful to introduce some relevant reality when dealing with the imagination, ideas, and intangibles.

For a confidential and informal discussion of the situation, please contact Pen Hadow’s private office on 020 3731 5274.

Pen is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is an Accredited Certified Coach (ACC).


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