Bestseller – Solo: Alone & Unsupported to the North Pole

Much more than just a gripping adventure story, SOLO is also hugely inspiring.” Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“A marvellous account of a remarkable journey.” Fergus Fleming (author of Barrow’s Boys)

“His account of the trek makes for tense and, at times, moving reading. In part, this is because of the extraordinary nature of his journey, but it is also because he sets it within the context of his life, sharing stories of his childhood, his training and how his father’s death, his marriage and the birth of his children all helped provide him with the motivation to drag himself over the ice.” Sunday Times – Book of the Week

“Hadow has showed that the Edwardian spirit of adventure displayed by Shackleton and Scott is still very much alive today.” The Times


“An impressive testament to the power of positive thinking.” Mail on Sunday

“Like many books recounting adventures that are particularly unthinkable for the rest of us, SOLO is compulsive reading. Yet Hadow does not rush to tell his tale. His reflective prose reveals the inner turmoil that accompanies such dedication to a task which requires leaving behind a loving partner and two young children. His determination and practical planning blend with bemusement at the fact that he simply cannot rest until he achieves this challenge. Ultimately, reaching the North Pole unaided is almost as much about Hadow ridding himself of his driving demons as it is about fulfilling a deathbed vow to his father and accomplishing an unprecedented feat.” Time Literary Supplement

“His book is straightforward and engaging and interesting not only for the practical details of how one stays alive in horrendous conditions, but also for the light it sheds on the commercial side of heroic adventure.” Spectator

“Riveting stuff… you find yourself willing him on.” Benedict Allen, The Independent

“Hadow is at his best when writing about the desolate Arctic – his descriptions of sunrise and sunset and the delicate tones of a baby polar bear’s fur are magical. It’s a wonderful moment when the Arctic finally allows the man to reach 90°N.” Geographical

“Solo and unrepentant. When Pen Hadow reached the North Pole in 2003 he entered the record books as the first person to achieve the feat solo and unsupported from the Canadian side. But in his recently published book SOLO, it’s clear it wasn’t about the record – it was personal…” Outdoor Enthusiast

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