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Sub-Zero, Skin-Deep

Colder climes call for some hardcore grooming, as these chilled trailblazers know all too well.

Blue Runway

With fashion brands and luxe sportswear becoming a regular fixture on the slopes, simply staying warm is no longer your sole requisite when kitting out.

Pen Hadow interviewed on LBC Radio about the tragic passing of Henry Worsley.

Pen Hadow interviewed on LBC Radio about the tragic passing of Henry Worsley.

Explorer Henry Worsley dies attempting Antarctic crossing

Explorer Henry Worsley has died after developing a serious infection as he tried to cross Antarctica unaided.


‘We have lost a friend’: tributes pour in for explorer Henry Worsley

“My journey is at an end,” the British explorer Henry Worsley said in an emotional dispatch to his website on Friday.


The future of Arctic exploration

Arctic exploration is changing. Polar explorer Pen Hadow discusses the new directions with Geographical


Spare a dime for the world’s greatest living explorer?

The world’s greatest living explorer crumpled between the washing machine and the refrigerator

Inspirational Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2015

Pen Hadow Arctic Pioneer

Financial Times – 26 Sept 2013

Polar explorer warms to his new career


Newsweek – 02 Nov 2013

Spare a dime for the world’s greatest living explorer?


Conde Nast Traveller – April 2013

A contributing writer to The Experts (special supplement)

 c4 logo

Channel4 News – 22 March 2013

Pen contributes to live discussion about the future of exploration

The Market Magazine – May 2012

Pen Hadow Eco Warrior

Sunday Times – April 2012

With cashews and Kylie I’ll tame the pole

The Observer Magazine – April 2012

Green Crush of the Week

High 50 – April 2012

The Pen Hadow (polar) challenge: can you be as fit at 50?

The Photographer Magazine – March 2011

WIDEWORLDMAG.COM – 26th January 2011

To read article click here

Strategic Risk Magazine – 3rd January 2010

A Chilling Prophesy

First News – 28th May 2009

First News in the Arctic

Independent on Sunday – 17th May 2009

Explorer Hadow returns after months on thin ice

Western Morning News – 14th May 2009

Polar Ice Cap at Critical Point

Telegraph – 18th April 2009

Sea Ice thinner than feared, say Arctic Team

Observer Magazine – January 2009

Disappearing World, Is this the end of the Arctic..?

BA Highlife

“I’ll be Packing” – Five things Pen will take on his next expedition.

The Met Office

Pen discusses the Arctic Survey

BBCN24 – Pen pays tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary.

The British adventurer and environmentalist, Pen Hadow, said Sir Edmund’s death “closes one of the great chapters of planetary exploration”. “He was physically and metaphorically at the pinnacle of high adventure,” Read complete story…

Womens Institute

Pen discusses the Arctic Survey with the Womens institute

BBCN24 – Pen discusses Gordon Brown’s speech on the environment

“It has taken world leaders far too long to acknowledge that time really is running out – despite the accumulating evidence, including the potential disappearance of the Arctic ice cap. It is to be hoped that all governments will go at least as far as Gordon Brown has today in tackling climate change by reducing emissions.  Read complete story…

BBC Archive

View various articles and videos realted to Pen’s Expeditions.  View articles…

The Telegraph – Pen Hadow: Snow Patrol

Explorer Pen Hadow is heading to the North Pole again, this time to answer one of the biggest environmental questions of our time. How long before the Arctic Ocean melts?  Read complete story…

The Independent – Pen Hadow returns to Arctic to study acidification of the oceans

The explorer Pen Hadow is mounting a new expedition to the Arctic to research “climate change’s evil twin” – the acidification of the oceans caused by emissions of carbon dioxide. Read complete story…

The Guardian – Arctic in danger

Pen Hadow heads for North Pole to establish the facts.  Read complete story…

Pen Hadow: Because it’s there… but for how long?

The explorer is risking his life in the Arctic again, this time for all of us. There is no other way to discover how fast the polar ice, vital to the planet, is melting. Cole Moretonin conversation with Pen Hadow.  Read complete story…