Public Speaking



“It was a great way to start the event and certainly achieved the effect we were after.  So thank you for agreeing to take part – it was a great pleasure to work with you.” Director, Thames Gateway Forum/Think

“The ratings for Pen’s presentation were great. On a scale of 1 – 7, he scored 6.7! He was insightful, funny and a good reference to global warming. A wonderful end to the two day programme.” Associate Director, CoreNet Global

“Pen gave an inspirational talk and captured the full attention of an audience that is notoriously critical of public speakers! He was amusing, stimulating, informing and uplifting and is clearly a man for whom the word ‘impossible’ does not exist! I would thoroughly recommend him to any audience that wished to be inspired and Savills will undoubtedly utilise his services again in the future.” Chairman & Chief Executive, Savills International

“Thank you for participating at the Young Leaders event in Paris last week. Your presentation was the perfect finale to our first ever gathering of our Young Leaders membership. The feedback from attendees was universally positive with many commenting on how inspiring it was to hear about your remarkable journey.” Managing Director, Centre for Regeneration and Sustainability, Urban Land Institute, Europe


“Pen was fab! His presentation style worked really well. We have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our membership…The icing on the cake was his willingness to be a part of our whole day. He made a point of turning up at a Children’s Tea Party and I saw him surrounded by kids telling them about his experiences. All in all, a great guy, who can be relied upon to deliver an inspirational, and fun session.” Managing Director, Numark Pharmacists


“I would like to thank you for the excellent contribution you made to the J8 Summit this week. Without your outstanding and truly inspirational talk, the event would not have been the great success that it was.”  Chairman, Morgan Stanley International Foundation, J8 Summit


“An outstanding presentation with many tempted to give a standing ovation.” Director, Hermes Fund Managers

“I would like to thank you for the excellent contribution you made to the J8 Summit this week. Without your outstanding and truly inspirational talk, the event would not have been the great success that it was.” Managing Director, Cazenove Capital Management


“Addressing our key brokers, gathered at the Atlanta Aquarium, was an important event for our business, and Pen did us proud holding our audience spell-bound throughout.”  Director, Catlin Group

“My sincere thanks for a thoroughly entertaining and motivational talk at our meeting in Wolverhampton. Detailed planning and single minded determination to achieve a personal goal is entirely relevant to the sales process and your talk struck a chord with many in the room.  The feedback has been terrific.” Managing Director, Chase Templeton


“Pen went down very well when he was here speaking to our clients… our major clients were blown away by his achievements, it was a great lunch and a real pleasure to meet Pen and I am grateful to him for giving up the time to honour this commitment.”  Director, Coutts Private Banking 


“We thought Pen was fantastic and everyone enjoyed his presentation very much.” Marketing Manager, BP Castrol


“He delivered exactly what we wanted – inspiration to achieve against the odds.”  Director, Syngenta

“… the more he described the outrageously challenging conditions and situations he has overcome, the more I and the others around me found ourselves wanting to go on a polar expedition ourselves, so engaging is his style … He’s a charismatic personality who can shift people’s perception of what is achievable.” Commercial Director, Unigate Dairies 


“… Fantastic presentation. I believe the silence among the 400 delegates in the room indicated how intrigued we all were with your story and your “can do” message. I heard a lot of positive comments from customers and colleagues later that day.”  Marketing Manager, DICOM Europe


“We enjoyed Pen’s speech…whilst drawing parallels with what we did it was also refreshing change from our own environment, the language we use. Please pass on my gratitude to Pen for an excellent speech…it was just what we wanted. ” Head of Marketing & Communications, English Institute of Sport

“The session that you delivered to the Elite Coaches was exactly what we were looking for and more, and they all feel that you would make a fantastic coach yourself!” Coaching Consultant, UK Sport Elite Coach Programme

“Your talk was a highlight and really well received, and we are very grateful for your enthusiasm.” Director, Endurance Life


“Pen did a FANTASTIC session at our Forum. He is a passionate speaker, but also a great facilitator and moderator. If he’d had 5 minutes more he’d have had us all pledging to reduce our carbon footprints.”  The Leadership Forum, Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter

“… inspirational and well communicated…”  Director, AC Nielsen

“Many, many thanks for the time and effort you put into making our weekend a resounding success. We had a fabulous time and there is still much talk about it. I am aware that we asked you to go way beyond your call of duty.”  Director, The Berkeley Partnership  


“You have a gift – and should use it.  Few can communicate with a level of engagement and intensity like that.” Founder, The Body Shop

“Pen Hadow’s experience was genuinely inspirational and motivating. Having launched Marks and Spencer’s Plan A initiative on the need to tackle the enormous challenge of climate change, it was fantastic to hear from someone who has experienced global warming issues with their own eyes.”  Stuart Rose, CEO, Marks & Spencer


“Ten out of ten.  Excellent.”  Director, Skanska


“Pen’s contribution to the evening and particularly the presentation was a real bonus and I was equally grateful that he engaged with so many people during the evening.  Pen – you are now an inspiration to many of the team, and I hope we can develop this further some time in the future.”  Senior Manager, Royal Mail 


“They really were thrilled to bits with you.  I am certain we can do this again and will endeavour to put you forward.  Thank you so very much for all your hard work on behalf of myself and the Outdoor Activity staff who also had a great time!”  Sales Manager, Bovey Castle, Dartmoor   

“I just wanted to say thank you again for making our clients so happy and allowing them to enjoy their time working with us.  I do hope we have many more jobs like it in the future.”  Manager, Champions (UK) Plc 

“Pen’s unique vision has earned his company an international reputation, supported by his outstanding ability to challenge and prepare individuals and teams for the most challenging places on Earth. I recommend strongly his presentations to those interested in the valuable lessons to be learnt from the most extreme conditions on Earth where they are applicable to individuals and teams operating in corporate environments today. His talks are seriously inspirational, relevant to company teams and a real must for those who need to think outside the box.”  Director, Personal Development Coaching   

“I just wanted to say thank you again for making our clients so happy and allowing them to enjoy their time working with us.  I do hope we have many more jobs like it in the future.”  Manager, Champions (UK) Plc 

“We were absolutely delighted with how the event went in France. You are a true professional and a very nice, kind and genuine man.”  Manager, Yellow Fish


“Had to let you know how everyone was so inspired by your speech and kept your messages top of mind throughout the meetings. Your name came up repeatedly, as did your approach to challenges: attention to details, foreseeing simple incidents, judgement calls, self discipline, use of imagery. It was fantastic. It would have been great to have had you there for the rest of the days. The synergy and chemistry were evident.” Director, Ogilvy Consejeros de Comunicacion

“Outstanding in every respect…amusing, terrifying, engaging, inspiring. Terrific.” Main Board Director, Pearson plc


“Pen led a workshop for a group of well-read, experienced and naturally sceptical leadership pundits in his natural forthright manner. Without exaggeration or hyperbole he brought us all inescapably to consider the deeply personal sources of the energy and drive which lead us on – some to private achievements, others to more public acclaim. His own story is captivating and persuasive. He was quite stunning in responding to questions about how others might deal with objective-setting, sustained effort, simplifying ideas and a host of similar questions: he is clearly much more than determined – he is bright, insightful, empathetic.”  Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter

“An outstanding presentation.  Feedback has been fantastic, what a buzz!  We all seem to have taken on board messages, thoughts and ideas that will inspire us over the year that lies ahead – exactly what we had hoped for.”  Bracknell & Wokingham College

“He was inspiring, funny, and really kept the interest of his 900 strong audience… our numb bottoms were forgotten. Pen made my daughter feel that if he could carry on fighting to succeed, so could she! I must mention how kind he also was to all the special needs students, many of whom needed his help to understand what to do next. He is a talented, kind man, with a core of steel hidden beneath that pleasant exterior… it appears he helped my daughter find her own “steel”.”  Duchy College Audience Member

“Your talk on Monday was fantastic! You managed to enthral all the children (and the adults!). There has been quite a buzz amongst the children since Monday evening and your words will be remembered for a very long time.  I am sure that you will have inspired several of the children to be totally committed to their ambitions, whether it is reaching the North Pole, or just passing Common Entrance!  You clearly demonstrated what can be achieved with courage, planning and perseverance.”  Headmaster, Eagle House Preparatory School

“An outstanding presentation.  Feedback has been fantastic, what a buzz!  We all seem to have taken on board messages, thoughts and ideas that will inspire us over the year that lies ahead – exactly what we had hoped for.”  University of the Third Age


“I can say without a trace of hyperbole that Pen was inspirational, motivational and thoroughly engaging.  He was a real hit with our audience, an the talking point of the whole event.”

“Pen effortlessly related his experiences of polar exploration to those of the somewhat less exciting organisational and financial challenges faced by our local government managers; and he did so with undue modesty and humility.”  Tri-Borough Senior Management Conference

“Many thanks for the unique opportunity to see your amazing triumph through your eyes.  The cold evening air of the Great Hall on a frosty evening seemed a perfect backdrop.  Everyone left knowing they had witnessed a very special evening, the memory of which will be revived every time we pick up your wonderful book.”  Major, West Devon Borough Council

“The feedback from your presentation was fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for a really wonderful talk at the leadership day last week.  I imagine people always tell you it was extraordinary hearing your story, but there you are, that’s how it felt for me. Amazing.”  Director, Cornwall Partnership Trust


“I wanted to thank you particularly for such an interesting talk at the naming of Clyde Fisher. Over the years I have heard many post lunch or dinner speeches but yours was different because it had a real immediacy. I’m sure our guests shared with you the perils of your enthralling trip! One felt the danger – and that’s quite an achievement. Thank you for helping make our event memorable.”  Chairman, James Fisher and Sons PLC

“I’d like to say a huge thank you for such an inspiring afternoon. Feedback on your speech has been 100% ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, and deservedly so.”  Managing Director, Marine South West


“Your inspiring account held the audience captivated. Your achievement and humbling pathway to it, is epic. The humour, humility and underlying steely determination in your delivery was really engaging… excuse the exuberance of my verbosity but I and the rest of the course, directing staff and guests have been left quite enthused/positively affected…thank you so very much for an incredible talk, I have been inspired.” Commanding Officer, Junior Officers’ Tactics Division Land Warfare School, Warminster

“I thought it was truly inspirational and as a Royal Marines Mountain Leader with 21 years experience I found that I could relate to many of your hardships (albeit on a smaller scale!)…Your tales, your example and your will to succeed will remain with me for some time…Thank you for the talk, it certainly rates among the best I have ever heard.” Royal Marine


“Outstanding in every respect … amusing, terrifying, engaging, inspiring. Terrific.”  Main Board Director, Pearson plc

“… Thank you so much for coming to talk to our sales team yesterday.  They were hugely impressed and even more enthusiastic about Solo as a result.”  Managing Director, Penguin, Michael Joseph Publishing  

“Pen’s faultless delivery, captivating anecdotes and straightforward honesty about his extraordinary achievements held us all in his thrall.  He is the living embodiment of achievement through sheer hard work, determination and fastidious planning.  He inspires everyone he touches and reminds us that there is everything to play for.”  Publisher, Tatler Magazine  


“One of the best speakers we’ve ever had, in 200 lectures over 18 years, given by Britain’s best known adventure speakers.”  Founder, Himalayan Kingdoms


“Jonathan Dimbleby, Pen Hadow and Simon Murray gelled to provide one of the most revealing, provocative and entertaining evenings we’ve had the privilege to organise”  Director, Royal Geographical Society

“…A fascinating talk… We all thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and were spellbound by your stories and descriptions of the conditions you endured on your expedition”  President, British Schools Exploring Society  

“Everyone hugely enjoyed hearing what you had to say, and the excellent manner in which you delivered it!”  Division Leader, Dartmoor Rescue  


“Yours was the most engaging of speeches, skilfully identifying the common ground between the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the emerging open waters of the Arctic Ocean, and holding their interest completely from beginning to end. Masterful.”  Lewis McNaught, Director, Mall Galleries 

“Many, many thanks for a great collaboration in realising the Royal Geographical Society Roadshow.  Thanks for sharing your riveting and insightful journey and the joy with which you enthused all with personal anecdotes”  Manager, Motiroti  

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