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Pen Hadow’s speeches are designed to make an impact, the occasion determining the balance between information, inspiration and entertainment. They are always thought-provoking.

His environmental keynotes, motivational addresses, and after-dinner talks offer his hard-won insights from a life as a leading polar explorer.

He has many years of experience on the international speaking circuit, and his engagements have included heads-of-state summits, international conferences, national forums and corporate events across the UK, Europe, Asia and North America.

Hadow’s inspirational speeches on the need for protection of the North Pole’s unique wildlife and floating ice-reef ecosystem are anchored in his remarkable personal story of daring exploration which led to his international policy advocacy work today …

And his solo North Pole feat continues to provide the framework for a riveting motivational experience focused on high performance in the most challenging circumstances – and most especially, achieving More With Less resources in a challenging environment, something the strategies and tactics he developed for his solo trek illustrates powerfully.

Hadow is only person to have succeeded in making a solo journey from Canada to the North Pole – the feat remains unrepeated. It took him three attempts over 15 years to achieve this single feat at the ‘bleeding edge of exploration’.

The keys to success revolved around a 360º approach to multiple innovations, mental resilience techniques, and emotional management strategies – all of which are applicable to enhancing performance in the work-place. His eventual success is a story of extreme performance against previously insuperable odds.

Twitter: @PenHadow

Instagram: @penhadow